use mobile target data for real time prospect

The best data for mobile prospect on

Our solution

With Geotargeting, target mobile users in real time and direct them towards your customers' brands (web-to-store or mobile-to-store).

Our added value

Do you want to develop and monitor a qualitative marketing strategy? Geotargeting prioritizes a mobile-to-store approach and offers visitors a unique customer experience. With geotargeting, you can now direct potential customers to a specific brand and identify sales opportunities nerby.


    • Identification of mobile phone users located with geographic coordinates (X,Y) (X,Y)
    • Leaderboard
    • Skyscraper
    • IMU (Interactive Marketing Unit) :
    • Le Pixel/Button
    • AdWords


Once this database is identified, it allows you to integrate these results into any population alert system.

In the results you can also find e-mails, URLs, social media links, points of interest and businesses.

Infobel also offers other solutions such as standardization, geographic positioning, scoring and local searches.