Standardization and Deduplication

improve my customer and prospection customer files

Standardize the addresses of my customer files to improve quality and delete duplicates of prospective customers for marketing campaigns.

Our solution

Does your company have customer and/or prospective customer files and wishes to use them without targeting the same customers/prospective customers twice? We carry out deduplication to check for duplicates and ensure the standardization of addresses, so that all prospects can easily be reached

Our added value

Infobel has many data repositories (postal records, national telecom registers, Chambers of Commerce, Internet, etc.), which enables it to classify data and identify entries which seemingly represent two different people or companies with the same address that in reality are the same household/business.

For standardization, we have complete repositories for all of the countries covered.


  • Deduplication of households
  • Deduplication of businesses
  • Enhancement via phone number and/or business' national ID as deduplication key
  • Use of socio-demographic data to check unfamiliar addresses
  • Use of a repository with 10 million streets covering 51 countries to standardize addresses and make them identical for the deduplication process